How to normalize an MP3 in Windows easily using Audacity

normalize an MP3 in Windows easily using Audacity

We download movies, mp3, audio and music files from Internet regularly. But, frequently we may find that their sound quality are not what we expected or have certain failures. In audio files it is common to find that at some times the volume level is too high and in others too low. It is a problem that can usually be quite tedious to solve. It is possible to divide the audio into parts and modify the volume, but this requires certain knowledge. However, there are some tools that allow us to standardize an MP3 or audio file easily. Next, let’s show how to normalize the audio of an MP3 with Audacity Software.

Audacity is a software designed to normalize the audio of a file that we can also obtain completely free of charge. To do this, just go to the official website of Audacity and download the version of the tool compatible with your system, whether Windows,  macOS or Linux .

Steps to follow to normalize an MP3 with Audacity

Once installed on our computer, when opening Audacity we will find an interface that shows the main menu at the top and almost all the controls needed to manage our audio files in the central part and always visible.

To normalize an MP3, the first thing we have to do is open the tool and import the audio file we want to modify. Once we have the audio file loaded in Audacity, select the whole clip and then go to the menu option Effect> Normalize.

This will open a new window in which we can select the level of volume or loudness in decibels to which we want to normalize the entire selected audio clip. Once we have it to our liking, we can click on Preview to listen to the audio file and check if it has been normalized correctly. If so, we click on OK to save the changes.

Working with audio files is usually quite complicated and it may be that the normalization of an Mp3 does not achieve the desired results on its own if there is a large volume difference between some parts of the clip. In this case, it may also be a good idea to eliminate the background noise before normalizing it. However, if there is a difference but it is not excessive, Audacity can help us normalize an MP3 very quickly and easily.