Avoiding junk programs to download free software

It is very common that when trying to download some freeware, others malware or adwares try also reach your computer. Here are some tips to download free software and avoiding falling into junk tricks.

You have to be aware of the places browsing on the internet and download, because when you go to download any free program it is very common to find other programs that are downloaded off the main or links to download other junk programs into believing that you are getting off the program you wanted from the beginning.

False links to download secondary programs

good free program to remove all the junk

There are many people who still have problems with this type of traps, finding fake download links on the program page you want to download, which are shaped, in many cases, of large colored buttons intense including the text “Free Download” or “Download Now” button, you do not actually want to take the program to download, much less.

The first is to place the mouse over the link, then, usually in the lower left corner you indicate the place to which it leads, but this is not the only danger you face.

Programs related to other programs

Occasionally, some quite well-known programs include in your download installation other than that you have not asked. In these cases must always come an option to indicate whether you want to install the secondary program and have to be careful to turn off when you leave, because the default one is on.

These programs are usually found above all toolbars for browsers, to be installed in your default application for browsing the net and change your settings in the search engine plus home page.

Check and remove all junk programs

If you feel that you could cast any of these programs because your computer is running slower than usual or you notice any changes in your browser, we recommend taking a look at your installed programs, since it is possible to find in any list you did not expect.

On occasion you may need an antivirus or some anti-spyware program to uninstall a program of this type, since in some cases they can infect your computer and cause serious damage.