How to change the name of Bluetooth devices in Windows 10

Change the default name of Bluetooth devices in Windows 10

To start we will say that when it comes to pairing and connecting a Bluetooth device in Windows 10 , initially it is assigned a name specified by the manufacturer of the device, something that can not always be comfortable, more if we use many products from this type.

This is common in both simple Bluetooth devices and speakers , and also for more sophisticated products such as smartphones , for example. The name that is assigned is there simply so that users can easily identify the device as such, so Windows 10 does not use the name of the device to communicate with it, but it is already predefined by the manufacturer.

That is why in case we do not like the name of a specific product , or if we have several of these with similar names , we can always change the nomenclature of Bluetooth equipment for which we want in Windows 10, so that let’s see how. So, the first thing we have to do in this case is to activate the Bluetooth connectivity on our computer with the Microsoft system and connect the device to which we want to change the name.

Once the connection is made, then we go to the Control Panel and we are in the section called “Hardware and sound / see devices and printers”. Here we select the device to which we want to change the name by clicking with the right mouse button and selecting “Properties” in the context menu .

Well, in the window that appears, we are in the tab “Bluetooth“, where we can see the default name of the product assigned by the manufacturer thereof, next to its icon .

Well, this name can be edited , which is what we are dealing with at the moment, for which we click inside the name field and change the name by the one we want in this case; we click on “Apply” and close the window. To finish we only have to turn off the device that we just renamed. Of course, it is not enough that we disconnect the Bluetooth equipment and reconnect it, since it is important that we turn it off completely, and then turn it on again so that the change is applied and becomes effective after the restart.

So, once we have turned off the device and turned it back on, we return to the Control Panel, and in the section mentioned above, we will see that the name of the Bluetooth has already been updated . Although this new assigned nomenclature should not change in the future , it is possible that in the event that we update the device’s driver , the name is reset to the default, so we would have to perform these same steps again.