Hiding IP to navigate safely: Step by Step Guide for All

Although many services today do nothing but advertise their data security systems that prevent their theft or their loss, they are many users who do not trust never completely. How forget the theft of passwords and iCloud online publication of many compromising pictures of Hollywood stars. As if these people are very careful about the security of your data and at the same time would like to become as anonymous as you browse the web, what you need it is a guide on how to hide IP . While we are in matters of anonymity, we remind you to take a look at our handy guide to find out the number of those who call us even if it is anonymous!
Anonymous calls? here’s how to see the number of the caller.

For those who did not know what it is, we rely on Wikipedia for a simple but detailed explanation:

An IP address (from the English Internet Protocol address) – in computing and telecommunications – is a numeric label that identifies a device called a host connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol as the network protocol. It performs essentially two functions: to identify a device on the network and thereby provide the path to be joined by another terminal or network device in a communication packet data.

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So this is a unique identification number and useful to keep track of all our activities in the network. The ways to disguise your IP address and navigate as a user completely anonymous and untraceable, so as to access the websites geographically protected (accessible only if you are in certain countries of the world) are several but they all have one thing in common : use a proxy server.

In today’s guide on how to hide IP will see both web-based tools and is software tools (to install on PC) that help us become anonymous. Before going any further, we want to tell you that it is very simple operations that do not involve any risk.

Hiding IP through software

Starting with the .exe to install software on your PC, we selected those that we believe are the most appropriate, bearing in mind the reviews made by users on the web:

GoTrusted : only available for a fee (even if you have access to an early version trial), this program allows you to navigate in an extremely safe, whether your connection is wired or wireless. It ‘also equipped with an encryption system very advanced useful to hide, beyond our IP address, even all traffic data. The page of the support you can get from here .

Anonymizer : the function is almost identical to that of the previous software, as well as the chance to try them for free for a certain period of time. This software is very useful to disappear entirely from the web, also making sure that Google, Facebook and all the other advertising companies do not accumulate data on our profile. The support page you can find it here.

Hiding IP via web tools

For all those who want to know how to hide IP but do not necessarily want to rely on the software to be installed on the PC, they are on the special web tool that can make anonymous disguising your IP address. Of course, the functions offered are definitely lower than the first listed software but it is still very lightweight tool.

MegaProxy : it is a tool available in both free and in the paid version. It allows us to navigate in a totally anonymous and, if we buy the premium version ($ 9.95 for 90 days), we will have no limitation of streaming or pages to be displayed. Its operation is very simple: just enter the URL to which we want to navigate in the box on the main site and you’re done. It is perhaps the best answer to our question of how to hide IP.

Proxify : Also in this case, we have a tool very light but equally useful compared to software to install. The operation is exactly the same as the previous tool but also provides a data encryption can hide any of our track, and of course to our IP address.

If you know other services that are both functional and would like suggerirceli, feel free to use the comments box below.