Top 18 Google Spreadsheets templates to organize everything of your daily life

Google Spreadsheets templates to organize everything you will likeToday we are bringing a collection of templates from Google Sheets to organize everything to ease your daily activities. The application of spreadsheets with which Google competes directly with popular alternatives such as Microsoft Excel or the LibreOffice spreadsheets. It is a totally free application that is 2. included in your Google account, as part of the service for your Google Drive cloud.

How are Google Spreadsheets templates used to organize everything

We bring you several types of template. For example, from those aimed at organizing your day to day, leisure and projects, to others more focused on your classes and your finances. We have been obtaining them both from other articles, as well as specialized pages or social networks. These Google Sheets templates will definitely be your regular companion.

Templates to manage your projects

1. Project Timeline: A template to temporarily organize any project. The sheet is divided into months, weeks and years. And the periods of time are divided into different phases of planning so that you can adapt it to your needs.

2. Project Tracker: Another template to manage projects, but organized with several goals each with their own tasks . Therefore, it allows you to assign dates, people responsible for tasks, difficulties, notes and the status of each of the tasks.

3. Project Tracking Template: Another template to manage and organize the various goals of a project . It is similar to the previous one, but a little more complete, and it allows you to add the status, priority and many other details of each of the tasks that make up your project.

4. Gantt Chart: A combination of project management and agenda , to which is added a bar graph to see a visual representation of the tasks you have and the progress that is in each of them.

5. Wedding checklist: If you’re going to get married, you’ll know it’s important not to forget anything. And that’s why someone has come up with the great idea of ​​creating a template to organize everything that needs to be done and that you can mark the things you have already done to get them out of your head. Practical even to adapt it to other types of projects.

6. Comparison of cars: A simple sheet that you can use to compare all the car models you are thinking about if you are planning to buy one. You can add the photo of each car and its characteristics to visualize them in a very simple way.

7. Detailed project budget: A template that allows you to create a detailed budget of a project including each of the tasks that compose it. In this way, to each task you can add the price that corresponds to little by little go composing the entire budget.

Templates to manage your health

8. Weight training workout: Several spreadsheets with which to organize your training sessions. You can add the exercises you want to do during the week. Although there are already some example posts, and you can keep track of your progress.

9. Exercise routine A concept similar to the previous one, but with a much more detailed template to plan your exercise routine during the week . In its default planning, it explains different more complex routines of aerobics and weights.

10. Weight: A complete sheet in which to keep track of the evolution of your weight depending on the daily caloric intake you carry. You can see your tendencies, mark your goals and the daily calories you are consuming, and include a color code to mark when you have exercised, been sick or have spent eating.

11. Weight / Measurement Tracker: Another sheet with which you can keep track of the evolution of your weight and your measurements . Include boxes for weight, body fat mass, and your chest, waist, and hip measurements. All done so that you can keep track of these and many other data periodically, marking possible changes.

Templates for finance

12. Travel budget A sheet to help you to organize the trips of your next journey. You can write down what you spend on each item per day and the template calculates the budget you need for the total trip.

13. Shared expenses: A simple template that can be useful if you live with a group of friends or family, especially if you want to organize and share expenses . It will help you to write down the expenses and point out who has paid what, then make the calculations that help to see how much you have left to put each one.

14. Family budget planner: A template that includes a category of expenses for almost anything, from water, electricity and gas, to simply gifts or a visit to the barber. You can adapt it to your particular needs to carry out the planning of the anticipated family expenses.

15. Debt Reduction Calculator: A template in which you can calculate the reduction of your debts, taking control over your loans to know how much they are costing you and you have to pay in them.

16. Bill Billing Invoice: Invoice designed for billing products. Although it is not adapted to Spain it is easy to modify its tax section, and includes both a version with them and another without them.

17. Invoice Freelance invoice: An invoice that you can adapt to perform certain professional jobs. In it you can modify the taxes, as well as add different tasks that add up a total.
Invoice invoice . Another complete invoice designed for companies. You can add logos, different taxes or even discounts, in addition to several jobs you may have done. All in a fully customizable invoice.

18. Loan Amortization Schedule: A template with which you can calculate how much and how you are going to be able to amortize a loan that you are thinking about asking, adding the different characteristics and interests that you may have to know how much you will end up paying each month.