Chrome 29, Google’s browser is updated

Google released updated version of its browser Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Version 29 comes with many new features that will make your operation we find it much easier. Above all we are left with two: The address bar, called Omnibox in Chrome, we will offer best suggestions and the browser also has enabled a button to reset the settings and leave virtually as we first met.

You know that Chrome always offers suggestions when we started to write to in the browser bar, usually based on what the pages visited by users. Well, now we offer suggestions based on our tastes, i.e. related to the pages we’ve visited previously. In addition, design changes since the drop down list showing the suggestions now occupies the entire width of the window, not only the space occupied Omnibox.

Another novelty is only for Mac users, as we finally can enjoy the interactive notifications hitherto enjoyed only Windows users.

Google Chrome always offers suggestions when we started to write to in the browser bar

Reset Button

Google has added an option to your browser which personally I think is very interesting. With this button you again can have the original Chrome installed first time. This can come great when we do not like the extensions that come out and we want to leave it as it was originally, or when we’ve messed with the settings, we begun to touch things and do not know how to return back. It is also a good solution when you notice that the browser does not work correctly. Best of all is that the reset does not affect the issues, or markers or applications you have installed.

To reach the reset button just have to go to advanced settings from paragraph settings found in the Chrome menu.

Finally it should be noted that although the Android version still in beta, it has added WebRTC support for users of this OS can make video calls without using a plugin.

Chrome normally updates almost without our knowledge, but if you want to know if you already have the update available you just have to go to the main menu and click on “about Google Chrome”.