Free Tools to Fix the Virus Affected Computer

When a computer starts to have problems with the operation of the physical parts (hardware) or software it could be facing virus infection. Computer viruses can enter your computer in various ways, either by internet (temporary files), by email (Trojans), via USB sticks, and many other forms.

Once the virus enters the computer, it can damage the operating system, delete files, damage the hardware and in the case of the Trojans, steal valuable information such as your bank account numbers and credit card info.

Suspecting that a computer has been infected by a computer virus, you should take immediate action to prevent damage to the entire computer. That’s why we discussed some tips on how to fix a computer virus.

Review the antivirus

To know for sure if a virus has entered the computer, you need to check the antivirus report. Make an analysis of the computer and if the virus threat detected or potential threat indicates it means that a computer virus entry already.

Some viruses are quarantined automatically by antivirus and thus ensure that the computer does not affect whether the virus could not be detected by the antivirus. That is why it is important to have an updated antivirus. Among the most used antivirus software we can mention the Nod 32, Kaspersky, Panda, Avast, etc..

A common symptom of a virus is to make Computer speed slower than normal

Perform backups

When the computer virus has begun to significantly affect the operation of the computer, the most practical solution is to back up your most important files and perform formatting and uninstallation of all the programs in the system.
There are computers that perform backup remotely to the threat of a virus, thus most important files are protected and insulated from computer virus and can be retrieved when you re-install the programs and hardware devices.

There are programs available online that allow backup and format the hard drive of your computer. Among the most used have the HDD Low Level Format, Partition Wizard, Easy Drive Data Recovery and more.


All virus problems can be avoided if you have a good control of the tools of your computer. For example, every time you enter a website, open thousands of temporary files on your computer and through these files fail to percolate viruses.

We recommend using the cleaner tool time to time to remove the temporary files that may contain malicious code. Having an updated antivirus is also something that you can never miss your computer. If your antivirus license is expired, do not use the internet and do not place portable storage devices (USB) until you can update or change your antivirus.