Free Antivirus of 2013 That Work Great

Keeping your PC up to date and working properly can become a challenge because of the large number of viruses, Trojans and spyware that are on the internet and installed without your consent affecting the performance of your team and putting in risk of your files and personal information.

So you must protect your machine with a good antivirus, but it is still possible that a virus or malware is installed as emerging of more powerful viruses.

Often you are deceived by fake emails asking to click a link, sometimes when you download songs and videos virus slip your antivirus does not detect because you have authorized to be deceived installation.

Therefore it is necessary that periodically perform a review for viruses through an online cloud antivirus that is executed from the internet. Here we will tell you which online antivirus are best and most used and of course, free.


It is a powerful tool that lets you scan your PC for viruses, Bitdefender QuickScan call that focuses on running virus-scanning within the computer’s memory. An analysis with this tool takes about a minute and is very effective.


perform a review for viruses through an online cloud antivirus that is executed from the internet

This is one of the best free virus scanners out there. With this online tool you can check your computer for viruses and malware. The advantage of this tool is that it is always with the latest virus definitions allowing you to discover even new and unknown viruses.

Finally, ESET Antivirus Online for a complete review of all the files in your PC, including files that are compressed and that might harbor viruses.


Panda ActiveScan is the Panda Antivirus online scanner and allows you to make sure your PC is not infected by a virus because it has a great ability to detect all types of malicious code. You can run any of the most popular browsers and is always updated with the latest virus definitions.

To check your PC with this free online scanner tool you must enter panda security’s activescan page.


With its online scanner called McAfee Security Scan Plus will be possible to find viruses on your PC and scan for suspicious files in the system. Installation is simple and quick and soon will give you a result of your search.

Its analysis is one of the most complete and will review including browsing history and tell the state of protection that you have currently.