How to Remove Facebook viruses (Part II)

The compulsive installer

We decided to call “The installer compulsive” a user who feels a special attraction to install anything for recommendations or find online spinning with the intention of spreading Facebook viruses. One of the main features by which we recognize the compulsive Installer is to spend your time on the social network by sending invitations for applications.

What can we do to be safe compulsive Installer?

How we know, there is a lot of Facebook applications that represent a threat to our security, and in these cases the best is to repeat the scheme used for the “Super sharer” refrain from accepting further until be well assured that case of a secure application.

Also in case you are sure that a particular application is dangerous, we can make use of the tools offered by Facebook and report.

In addition to the precautions mentioned, it is also necessary to ensure that your security preferences are well adjusted, what you can be useful in many other scenarios as well.

Configuring security settings

No doubt correctly adjust your security and privacy settings on Facebook is one of the best steps you can take, and since the site has improved and facilitated the way in which the user can access it now configure security the social network is really simple and fast.

In the section of Facebook security settings you will find a number of options that will allow to control aspects of the social network as important as who can access your stuff, who can communicate with you and many other safety related features of your own .

Applications for Facebook

Another point to keep in mind when you talk about security on Facebook is the application which often tends to be carriers of malware and other threats of this type. To control how they behave and relate these applications with your own, you access the same settings, located in the left pane of the Facebook interface.

there is a lot of Facebook applications that represent a threat to our security

Here you will find two major sections, the applications you use and the applications that used by other users.

In case you wish to remove an application you consider uncomfortable or suspicious, you can make it through the icon in the form of “X”, located to the right of the application name.

But in case you do not wish to use any application, you can completely disable the Facebook application platform. This can be done in the section “Applications you use> Want to use applications, games and websites on Facebook and other sites?” and clicking the link “Activate”.

It should be noted that if you disable the application platform can also perform other tasks such as access sites where you need logging in through your Facebook account nor receive more invitations to applications of your friends.

On paragraph “Applications that use other people” allows you to control which applications your contacts or friends have access to your account.


If you begin to implement some of the tips that were discussed throughout this article, the chances of being infected by malware through your contacts will be significantly reduced, and you can focus a little more on what the social network has to offer and not so much on the possibility that thanks to a clueless user can infect your computer with Facebook viruses and malware.