Explore, customize and download icons to use for your projects

From project reports to website design, from template creation to regular assignments, from office presentation to work reports, usage of multimedia elements such as symbols and icons are become very common as well as fashion. It would be a great ideas that everything related to the world of design is available to most users for free of cost, even at a domestic or personal level.

the available quantity of these elements for each of the modalities that we will need is very high

And with these multimedia elements we refer to objects such as buttons, images , animations , videos or icons. We can also say that at this point the Internet has played a very important role in all this, since it offers us an almost infinite number of multimedia objects so that we can use them in our own projects , either free of charge or paying.

And of course, the available quantity of these elements for each of the modalities that we will need is very high, so in this case we are going to focus on one of the most used proposals at all levels, specifically we refer to the aforementioned icons that we find in a multitude of design projects , presentations, web pages, etc. Moreover, we are going to talk about a proposal that has been designed to, at first, offer a series of objects of this type that serve as a basis, so that we can then customize them to our liking or needs.

Library of Illustrio Icons

Well, in the event that you need to have custom icons , and all this free of charge, we recommend that you take a look at the platform called Illustrio . It is a proposal that puts at our disposal a good amount of these multimedia contents that appear on the screen as soon as you access your official website .

Customize the Illustrio icons to adapt them to your projects

Once we have entered the platform, the first thing we recommend before selecting the element itself, is to choose a color that is predominant in the samples that we are going to work with, which should be in accordance with the project in which we are working, of course. This key can be customized in the color points that appear in the same search box located at the top of the main interface .

Then we can scroll through the screen to find the design that best suits our needs, or look for a more specific topic in the corresponding search box to save time. Once we have located the design that interests us at this moment, we will only have to click on it to be able to customize it.

It will be then when a new window will appear on the screen with the icon selected in the tonality marked above, in addition to several ideas in the form of variants on that design that are located at the bottom of the interface . So we can move between them to select the one that seems most appropriate to download it to our hard drive. To finish we will say that this platform has support for the most common formats such as SVG and PNG.