Evernote or Google Keep, which is better to keep our notes?

Whether it is to do personal work at home, or more professional in the office , organizing all of our data as well as the tasks we have to carry out on a day to day basis is paramount. For this we have applications that help us in all this as is the case of Evernote and Google Keep, services that we will review in these lines.

Evernote or Google Keep, which is better to keep our notes

Perhaps both proposals can be considered as the most popular today in terms of the section of personal organization, two proposals that over time, despite being clearly faced, do not stop winning adepts thanks, among others Things, to the updates they receive with improvements and new features . However it is possible that we can ask ourselves which is better for this type of tasks.

Google Keep

Google Keep is available for free in the official Google store, compatible with all type of devices based on Android .

It has an intuitive User Interface Material Design that facilitates much its daily use. It is also worth mentioning that Google Keep simplifies access to all its functionalities compared to the system of use of Evernote, something more confused, especially for new users in these proceedings.


On the other hand, Evernote allows the use of images and “scribbles” freehand in our personal notes to be able to customize our notes to the maximum.

Evernote has its own application for desktop environments (Windows and Mac) as well as mobile devices, which helps in their use thanks to the complete synchronization on both platforms.

However, in this regard, Google Keep offers us an even greater advantage, since this service is compatible and works in conjunction with other tools of the search engine itself such as Google Drive , for example, or has an own extension that integrates into Google Chrome browser.

The free version of Evernote has quite limited features

Keep’s other really eye-catching features is that it has Google widgets for more convenient use, we can create notes from the device’s camera, or even record a voice file that the service converts to text to store it. It is true that in some respects Evernote has some additional features and interface generally has little to envy to the Google Keep, but yes, with important Poser to access all of your tools, we have to pay, and That the free version is quite limited.

Google Keep, thanks to the artificial intelligence of the platform , is able to distinguish for itself the types of notes we are taking and classify them by categories and, as we use it, it “learns” our preferences to help us in its use . For all that, Evernote may be somewhat more complete and complex in its use, but of course, to be able to take advantage of all its advantages we will have to make an economic outlay, ranging from 29.99 euros for the Plus service , up to The 59.99 euros per year for the Premium mode.

Google Keep vs Evernote

In addition to being completely free and seamlessly integrated with our Google account and its corresponding services, Keep has been gradually gaining adherents due to the benefits it offers when taking personalized notes, all through Of a simple and intuitive user interface. Moreover, being moldable in many of its sections, both interface level and functionality, we can adapt the platform to our own needs as we make use of it.

Do you know both platforms of notes, which you prefer, Evernote or Google Keep?