Erase permanently from your hard drive with this apps

Deleting files from the hard drive is definitely a task that seems simple. But this is not so. Deletion operations of the Windows operating systems do not cause the information to disappear, allowing it to recover. Hardwipe is a free application that allows to erase the information of definitive form, avoiding that it can be recovered.

As mentioned before, deleting a file using the Windows operating system does not delete it. That is, there is a deletion of the existing link to that data in the system but there is no deletion of the data. Yes it is true that the hard disk is marked that dedicated storage space to store that information as invalid. It is then when it is susceptible to being overwritten in subsequent operations. This means that if it has not been a long time, the deleted information can be recovered.

Hardwipe to Erase files permanently from your hard drive

Although there are many applications of this type, today is the turn for Hardwipe, free software is that it is compatible with all versions of Windows Vista and above. With this application you can perform the deletion of the information permanently. That is, it can not be recovered. At present it has several versions, three of them of payment with different functions available.

Obviously Hardwipe will be the most interested to users. Thanks to this you can quickly and easily erase the information you want without leaving a trace. It allows to enjoy a direct access in the contextual menu pulplevel with the right mouse button. Besides this, it allows the complete erasure of removable units and of all the logical units of the equipment without limit. The user can also clean the Recycle Bin and perform a partial cleaning of the Windows system paging file. Although many of these applications are only in English, this is in Spanish, including technical support.

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Information on all other versions

The Essential version offers the user the possibility to enjoy all the functions, except those that allow to execute a console of command and to turn the program into portable . The price is $ 14 and it is a license per user. The Professional and Commercial versions are identical. Both have the same functions except for a small difference. The Commercial is intended for those companies that want a high volume of licenses, while the Professional is intended for a single user. The price of the latter is $ 29.

Program to be kept in mind even in its free version

If what you are looking for is an application that allows the secure deletion of information from a Windows system, without a doubt it may be one of the best options available. It is true that there are versions of the same application that are much more complete in terms of functionality. What you have to keep in mind is what you want, and in this case the free version more than meets the needs of these users.