Disable the automatic photo uploading in Google Photos app

First disable the Google photos app uploading of photos automatically, then read the rest of the article. Just go to ‘Google Settings’ menu, then select Google Photos in your smartphone and select ‘Backup Google Photos‘ by moving the slider button ‘OFF‘.

Disable uploading photos from your smartphone to Google Photos

The company that is always in the spotlight of privacy is definitely Google, recently had to undergo further criticism that, in the end, proved unfounded. In fact, these days we have seen many users complain about the new application as Google Photos, once you start the automatic uploading of your photographs, even if you uninstall the application. The process would not be eliminated and your photos to be uploaded to the cloud storage of Google.

This accusation brought against Google is lawful, as with the privacy we do not mess around but also stupid, as to disable the uploading just go in the settings of Play Services.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the service that handles the automatic loading of Google Photo is not the application itself but the Google Play services, so by uninstalling the application does not get you anywhere. All you have to do is go into Google Photos settings, select Google Photo backup and turn off the automatic loading from there.

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