Critical vulnerability security updates of IE placed last Patch

Microsoft has released a series of security updates fixes for all versions of Windows supported to date, including one in particular that fixes a critical vulnerability on Internet Explorer. The installation is, however, recommended for all users.

Microsoft has released within the so-called Tuesday Patch for a fix to correct a vulnerability open in Internet Explorer . To be inviolable all Microsoft operating systems from Windows Vista to Windows 10, within which it would be possible to remotely execute code through exploits in the web browser. According to reveal the company of Redmond, Microsoft Edge is completely external to the phenomenon.

Microsoft Issues Fix for Critical Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

The patch MS15-106 fixes a bug in the process that Internet Explorer handles the elements in memory, writes now. If exploited, you can get remote access to a machine that has visited a web page developed ad-hoc with Internet Explorer. The attacker gains the same rights as the user who is logged in and can therefore install programs or delete sensitive data.

Users who have fewer rights in the machine have consequently less chance that their account is compromised, counter those who hold the permits administrator runs the risks are much higher. The security update is identified as “critical” Internet Explorer 7 and later versions of Windows for the consumer market, while as “moderate” of Internet Explorer 7 and later versions on the server.

Within the Tuesday Patch Microsoft released two security updates “critical”, MS15-108 and MS15-109 , along with three other packages marked as “important”. Installation is absolutely recommended and can be made ​​as usual via the traditional channels, or via Windows Update.