Create animations easily in Windows 10 with these free applications

Microsoft Store, and take advantage of a UWP tool to help us with these tasks

In these lines we are going to talk about a series of free animation applications so that you can use them in Windows 10 of Microsoft , since this is a design sector that likes and entertains almost everyone, whether children or adults.

Thus, in the case that you like to create animations from your own drawings , these applications that we will talk about will be very interesting, since they allow us to draw and create animations using various tools and functions that put our provision. In addition these proposals as a rule allow us to duplicate the work done in the previous page to be able to create the animation in less time, which is very important.

Therefore we will be able to generate personal designs and give them a movement aspect when creating a video from the drawings made. It is also worth knowing that these animation applications for Windows 10 are free and can be downloaded from the official store of the system, the Microsoft Store.


So, for everything to be more comfortable, we can access the official Windows 10 store , the Microsoft Store, and take advantage of a UWP tool to help us with these tasks. For example, we can choose to use Animation Desk Classic an application that presents a blank work desk so we can start drawing and adding pages to our personal design while maintaining the original template as it is.

It also offers tools such as a draft , colors, or a pencil , as well as functions to add new pages, or open the window for managing them. Of course, once we have finished the design project, we can save the animation we have generated or export it to a video in MP4 format. However, if what we want is to create an animated GIF from the drawings that we are doing to share it on social networks, for example, we can also download Animate This! , a powerful application to create animations from own drawings based on filling pages with our personal creations.

But perhaps one of the most interesting functions of this proposal is that, once we have finished with the set of drawings, when creating the animation as such, we can generate either a video in AVI format , or as we have said , a GIF animation to share on social networks. And finally we will talk about Zoetrope , another app of the same type that allows us to create own animations based on vignettes while keeping intact the previous one to achieve that movement effect when we animate the drawings made.