CPU-Z to know all technical details of Android Devices

If you want to know what are all the technical details of your Android phone, one of the most popular utilities software, CPU-Z smartphone edition, is now available, although currently only in beta version. This full version program is available for computers, but given the current widespread use of smartphones, has decided to jump into the Android OS, the most used mobile operating system in the world.

The application is free and can be installed on all Android devices that have a 3.0 or higher version of the Google operating system. Furthermore, the application also works on tablets.

Its operation after installing the application is very simple. You just have to open it and automatically know all the technical details of the display terminal. This is very useful when someone asks for your phone and does not have much idea of what processor you use and how often each of their cores works.

Utilities software for Android devices

Full version available for Windows

CPU-Z is available for Windows computers and was widely used worldwide. But given the growth we have had the phones in recent years, not only commercially, but also in relation to the power they are achieving, it was a completely natural step of the application that programmers have come to release for smartphones.

When you open the application, the user will see several tabs, SoC, System, Battery, Sensors and About, the latter is for the users to report a bug to the developers.

In SoC tab you can see the type of processor used, how many cores it have and what is its function in that moment. It also indicate that the operating frequency each core. On the System tab you can see what Android version operates the terminal, how much RAM you have in total and how much is being used, what is the maximum resolution of the screen and how much total memory available. The battery also has a section that lets you know their performance.

On the tab called Sensors, this tells you how many sensors your terminal have, as the accelerometer, light sensor, barometer, etc. and its current operating values.

Obviously there are other Android apps that do similar work, what do you use?


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