Cleans and optimizes iOS devices with PhoneClean

Currently, smartphones and tablets are devices used every day for all kinds of actions such as calling (for a smartphone), check email, surf the internet, visit social networks, etc.. This use of the devices can do that gradually fills with trash items such as temporary files that slow your device and occupy much of our space.

Like Ccleaner for computer, mobile devices have their corresponding cleaning tools. In this article we will talk about PhoneClean, a tool that will allow us to keep our iOS devices (iPhone, iPod or iPad) in perfect condition by removing all data that have no utility freeing space and optimizing its use.

Unlike other applications, PhoneClean is not installed on the device, but runs through a computer. PhoneClean is a completely free tool and clean of malware; you can download from their website.

PhoneClean main functions are:

PhoneClean is a completely free tool and clean of malware

  • Eliminates waste hidden system files.
  • Clear your cache and optimize the system.
  • Delete the cookies from the system.
  • Removes residual media files that have been created by a false synchronization.

Once installed on your system, just run the application, connect your device and click on “start scan”. The full program will analyze your system and will return a result with junk files you can delete. Clicking on the “clean up” the program will clean your device and leave it like new.

As the developers say, this program does not eliminate any personal data or applications installed system only scans and cleans residual system files.

What do you think PhoneClean? Do you know any similar program for iOS?