Impenetrable chrome while Microsoft Edge and Firefox are broken by hackers

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are the Internet browsers you use on a daily basis. Their reliability is not exemplary and some are not among the best students. The recent hacking contest Pwn2Own 2017 will not prove the opposite. While Chrome remains impregnable, Firefox and Edge are clearly lagging behind.

The two losers of the event were Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
Not a day passes without you consulting your Internet browser. Whether you’re reading social networks, shopping online, or downloading your favorite music, it’s all about opening Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

However, being safe on the net is a difficult feeling to feel. Your personal information must be inviolate, both for you and for the companies that create the software that you consult. Finding private data on the web would be unthinkable and would require you to change dairy.

Google Chrome shines, Firefox and Edge do not resist attacks

The Pwn2Own contest is an annual hacking event aimed specifically at web browsers. Experts in the field take a cunning pleasure to override all the security measures put in place by the market leaders.

The two losers of the event were Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The former has more or less resisted falling only once in combat. For the second, difficult to be optimistic. Five attacks succeeded.

On the other side, Chrome, the most used browser , showed that it was in the womb. No person present at the Pwn2Own contest is passed through Google’s browser. In this case, a long-term investment by the company is beginning to bear fruit.

As proof, Google Chrome remains the least vulnerable with 7.5 attacks successful in 10 years, thanks in particular to stop support Flash . Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox are behind with respectively 11, 18 and 9 attacks successful.