Choosing the right hosting for your online store or e-commerce

Whether you develop your own online store or hired a team of Web developer, you need to know the criteria to select a hosting for your online store or e-commerce.
It really is not about to question what you recommend, but simply to value your knowledge to make a decision and judgement.

Fundamentals things need to know is:


Since Google began to consider the loading time of the pages SEO factor loading speed has become essential. Conversion affects your store, positioning in search engines and the process of payment.

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The hosting is undoubtedly the main factor when it comes to loading speed.

Customer Support

Having an online store means being constantly connected and you have a web host that can resolve your issues and incidents in the shortest possible time, so it is appropriate that diagnose different channels of communication such as chat, phone, email or forums incident. Another important issue is the SLA but few agree in writing to guarantee a certain SLA.

Disk storage

Disk space is the amount of data or information you can store on your hosting account. The amount of storage you require is directly related to the size of the website you are going to install. Depending on how many images and video need for your online store, you can require significant amounts of storage.

All web hosting limit the amount of data you can store and the number of transfers you can make per month and, although some are unlimited, it is a factor to consider, either by excess or by default.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a security protocol that makes your travelling data fully and safely to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information from your customers. The bottom line is that when the transaction occurs (purchase) is under this protocol.

It is not a difficult task but it is studied enough, you can have a service deficit but economic hosting or one too and with a high opportunity cost .