How to Check the status of your Laptop Hard Drive

Along with the processor and RAM, the hard drive of your computer is one of the most important to ensure proper operation of the equipment components and have our data stored safely. Hard disk is where the operating system is installed and store all your files, folders, applications, etc. Important information can be lost if the hard drive crashes at some point , unless you have a recent backup of all your data.
Pass Windows and all your data on the hard drive of your computer to an SSD

The truth is that not everyone performs backups often, but still, every precaution are few, so we will show below is a tool that can be helpful to a fault in the hard drive not caught us by surprise and lose all or part of the information stored in it.

We refer to HDDExpert, software designed to give users the information health of your hard disk or disks easily. Thus, it is much easier to detect any possible failure before it is too late and no longer have a solution. To count on our team with this application, we just go to their official website , download and install completely free of charge.

Traditional hard drives take accompanying years, however, SSDs provide interesting advantages over HDD

Once you have installed, running HDDExpert can see a fairly simple interface to understand and use. At the top, a header or section shows General where information from our HDD or SSD is shown. Een the case we have several connected will also be shown there all information. We can see the manufacturer, model, firmware or serial on the left side, while the right panel information about the overall health of the disk shown, if we consider making a backup, leave some in spare mode if another fails and the temperature is enduring used.

At the bottom of the window, in the s ection details or attributes SMART is where you can see a detailed report with all values or control system SMART status of hard disks abstract. Information, on the other hand, is not easy to understand unless we take hold of an application like HDDExpert, you are able to read and display it in a more understandable form for users.

Although the descriptions are in English, they are easy to understand and also the most important details are accompanied by icons that can help us differentiate the most important to know the status of your hard drive information.