Black Desert Online arrives on Steam

Kakao Games and PearlAbyss have just announced the arrival of massive online role-playing game “Black Desert Online” on Steam in North America and Europe, just over a year after the western exit. So far “Black Desert Online” was only available from the official client PearlAbyss (hence, it must be said, it is often a little hard to get it). The Steam version of “Black Desert Online” will require purchase the game via Steam and the creation of a new special account, so people like me who already has an account of “Black Desert Online” cannot simply download the game from Steam and use his old characters, but he will continue to exploit the PearlAbyss client.

Black Desert Online is one of the best online video games massive role that you can play right now

“Black Desert Online” is one of the best online video games massive role that you can play right now, especially if you hate the whole series of emulators of “World of Warcraft”, focused in the right order skills related to some shortcuts keyboard and then wait for me to spend the waiting time in order to use it again. “Black Desert Online” has no competitive PvP “Blade & Soul” but its combat system, inspired more to fighting than to role play with combos and chain attacks, it is solid and each class is built for exploit differently ranged attacks, body-to-body attacks, attacks on individual targets, area and mobility attacks. The Berserker is big and slow, but has powerful area attacks, the Tamer attacks always to area, but also has a certain mobility, the Ranger is rapid moves but is specialized in hitting distance individual targets, the Sorceress scale attacks body-a -body and distance and so on.

“Black Desert Online” now has 13 different classes to choose from, with the latest addition of the Dark Knight who has just received his Awakening, a secondary set of weapons that each class unlocks at high levels by opening new opportunities for play and gameplay . Not only that in addition to fighting combat ‘Black Desert Online “offers players a huge world truly open-world and really beautiful to see, without boots and full of quests, adventures, enemies from detailed design and a lot of activities that make it almost a sandbox.

Can I create mining enterprises, give me to trade, grow vegetables on my farm, breed horses, manage ships. I can spend the whole night (happened to me) going fishing between the islands with a group of friends on a small boat. “Black Desert Online” also has a single player campaign pretty solid, and although his endgame is dedicated to large PvP battles between guilds who does not love too must play along with other players will be able to enjoy several hours of experience no problems. You can find this in my article a bit of impressions from the launch period of “Black Desert Online” and here’s a little guide that explains the basic principles of game (though lacking Classes added after the launch).

“Black Desert Online” must be purchased once and then totally free: all updates and expansions are accessible to all players after the first purchase and do not need to buy separately game pieces or pay monthly subscriptions. In its basic version, the Starter’s Pack, the game is available then only ten Euros, guaranteeing access, forever, to all content. There are of course also of micro-transactions , and also have effects on gameplay, but you can play without any problem even without spending more money. PearlAbyss updates while continually “Black Desert Online”: the latest expansions arrive in the West were the “Margoria Expansion” (which added a whole ocean to playing with naval battles between the guilds, the ability to build ships and confrontations with sea monsters) and updating that has made available the new class of the Dark Knight, as I mentioned before.