Best scanner app for iPhone 2020 and Android Devices

In the market, there are many applications that allow the scanning of documents directly from smartphones, through the camera.

You will certainly have had to urgently send scanned documents to someone from your mobile phone and not be at home. Or, that you don’t have a scanner handy. This is certainly a big problem, but don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you. Also this time! Scanning documents and photos with your smartphones is very simple: many devices now have a dedicated section in the camera management software. Simply activate the camera on the phone and select “scan document” from the various options that the software offers.

Office Lense for Android and iOS

Your smartphone will therefore be set on the scan option and ready to detect the edges of your documents and photos thanks to artificial intelligence. There are also paid versions that include extra and specific functions for those who want more than satisfactory results. If you have an important document in your hands, photos, a receipt, a receipt that you need to scan and send to someone, in fact, you can use one of the many apps that can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store or Apple store, depending on the smartphone you have.

Below, we will show you the best apps for scanning documents and photos with a simple and fast click. So, make yourself comfortable and get ready for a really interesting reading that could change the way you approach technology.

Scan with Android and iPhone

Scanning photos and documents with Android and iPhone is a breeze: the scanning option, in fact, is present in all the latest generation top of the range. Apple’s camera in particular allows document scanning: Apple was one of the first companies to implement this option on smartphones and tablets. The application to use, in this case, is Notes and is present in all newer iPhones.

Another very common way to scan photos and documents with Android is to use Google Drive. Few, in fact, know that this famous backup system has installed a default dedicated to digitizing, archiving and sharing documents. At this point, simply open Google Drive and click on the “+” button at the bottom right, consequently on “scan”. The classic interface will open immediately, very similar to that of the camera, which will allow you to frame the document to be scanned; then just click on the circle button located at the bottom of the display.

With this simple operation, your document will be digitized and saved in PDF and, in the event of multiple sheets to be added, Drive will allow you to do so by pressing the “+” key again. Drive for Android also allows you to make changes that we will see in more detail shortly. Google Drive, in fact, offers the possibility to correct the small imperfections of a non-perfect photograph: by clicking on the ruler tool, therefore, it is possible to cut, finish the coloring, rotate it and make it as perfect as possible. Finally, the Drive application is also available for iOS devices, albeit in a slightly different form

Scanbot for Android and iOS

The first application, very useful, for scanning documents and photos is Scanbot, for Android and iOS. This app is the best available in different versions: the basic one, completely free, and three paid ones that offer some more features such as, for example, the possibility of using OCR technology to create PDF and automatic upload to iCloud storage.

This is one of the best applications to scan photos and documents and, after downloading it from the store on your mobile device, simply follow the instructions in the introductory guide and choose whether to use the free version or switch to one of the paid ones. At this point, you will have to frame the document to be scanned with the camera and carefully follow the instructions provided on the screen. After acquiring the image, the last step is to decide whether to save the scan in color, in black and white or using the app filters. In addition, you can edit the photograph by cropping it by rotating it, also uploading the scan to iCloud.

Office Lense for Android and iOS

Office Lense is the second app to scan documents that we choose to present to you. The files scanned through this app can be converted to PDF as needed, as well as Word, and open in other apps distributed by Redmond. After downloading and installing it, just follow the brief introductory tutorial and select the document or photo to be scanned: the picture relating to the area to be selected and a red button to be pressed will appear to start the scanning procedure.

After that, the acquired image will be processed and you will be allowed to make the desired corrections related to the framing and orientation. It will be possible, if necessary, to add a caption and a greater number of pages by pressing the button with the number, at the bottom left.

Google FotoScan for Android and iOS

The third app that is among the best in terms of digital file scanning , is definitely Google FotoScan, perfect for both systems. In particular, this app is used for scanning photographs and is completely free. Also this app has a short introductory guide that will help you in using it. After taking the photo, a thumbnail will appear on which to press to modify, if necessary, the image. So, you can change the angles or save it directly like this.

If you want, before taking the photo, you can activate the removal of the annoying reflections that we often find; it is an important detail that certainly makes the difference. You can remove reflections using the button with the magic wand, also common to other apps. This is a great photo scan app and you can’t miss it!