8 benefits of cloud computing and cloud web hosting services

The Internet never ceases to amaze and neither does technology. The mixture of both results in many tools that are useful for professional and business development. If you have a business, you should keep updating as technology advances. Always being up-to-date provides you with better tools to grow your business efficiently. Cloud computing is one of the great tools on the market, which will help you do that.

Cloud computing is a technological tool that offers the possibility of remotely accessing -through the internet- document storage, data processing and different software. The cloud is an alternative to the local server or computer.

Mobile access is one of the great advantages of cloud computing

To be able to work and develop from the cloud, you can purchase a cloud hosting service. Hosting is a web hosting service where you generally store your site and your personalized email .

There are a large number of web hosting providers (some have higher quality than others), so you will not have a problem finding this service. The best thing is that when accessing a web host to start with cloud computing, the service is provided by a trusted provider that has good ratings. As we mentioned, the hosting service is the storage of your site. When this does not work, you cannot view the site or access the data hosted on the web host.

If you are still not convinced to move all your resources to the cloud , surely you will convince yourself with these 8 benefits of cloud computing and its advantages.

# 1 Flexibility in the face of changes

When you think about the growth of the company, you also think about the increase in resources. This is not a problem when working with cloud computing. Scalability is possible by changing the purchased service and adding more storage options.

# 2 Cost savings

With cloud computing, you can save costs on infrastructure or human resources. You can invest a smaller sum in the cloud, always adapting the service to your current needs and knowing that in the future, if you need it, you can expand it.

Perhaps the initial sum is higher, but when it comes to taking accounts, you will realize that the return on investment will be higher than traditional infrastructure.

# 3 Data loss prevention and recovery

If you store all the data on a physical server, you run the risk of losing all the information you have if something happens. This could be a disaster for your databases.

By hosting everything in the cloud, you ensure that your information is protected in the event of catastrophes. And, if you have a problem, talking to technical support can easily fix it.

# 4 Access from anywhere

Mobile access is one of the great advantages of cloud computing. Your data is not only protected, but you can access it from any connected device (and authorized by you, clearly). This allows both you and the people you work with to be aware of the changes that occur in the business, without having to be in an office.

# 5 Collaboration simultaneously

Working collaboratively, without the need to be next to you, is a great benefit. Companies that have several employees who must work simultaneously on the same task can do it through the cloud. You can easily view the changes made by other team members.

# 6 Sustainability

Thinking about the environment is also important, especially if this does not generate an extra expense. Cloud computing saves a lot of infrastructure that, with the speed with which everything progresses, becomes obsolete within a few years. This is why it is a more sustainable technology .

# 7 Quality control

Maintaining consistency in terms of work and forms is very complicated when you cannot see the total of what happens and is generated in a company. That is, if I can’t see all the reports, I don’t know if they really are consistent with each other.

By having all the files in the same place, being able to access it easily, you can see if the quality is maintained in everything that is generated and if the quality is transversal to the whole company or only to a part.

# 8 Safety is important

Considering that there is the possibility of being a victim of a cyber attack is not something pleasant, but it is necessary. Having extra security about all the information that is handled in a company is a basic requirement to be calm.

The cloud offers, depending on the contracted service, security monitoring and extra implementations to take care of all your data.

Cloud computing can help you in multiple ways. Many times, it is the lack of knowledge that makes people not encouraged by this great move. Don’t be one of them, the time to improve is today.