How to turn off automatic suggestions in File Explorer and the Windows 10 Start menu

Turn off automatic Windows 10 suggestions

When we are working with the Microsoft Windows 10 system , as the months of use pass, the system itself has an internal function that stores data and search words that we usually do so we can make their own suggestions in the future.

These suggestions that we comment can appear in places like the Explorer of files of the system, or the text box that is in the Start menu . Well, this may not always be of interest to us, especially if we work on a team that is used by several people, since we do not want Windows to publicly show suggestions regarding personal queries we have made in the past.

So here we are going to show you how to disable the automatic suggestion functionality in the Windows File Explorer and in the mentioned Run box .

While some users may like this functionality, as it facilitates the selection of one of the suggested options in order to save time , others may not like it for a number of reasons, such as privacy or discomfort. they appear on the screen . At this time we can use two different options that will help us solve the problem .

To start we will make this change that we comment through the Windows system registry , something for which, as is usual in these cases, we will need to have an account with administrator permissions . So, first open the Start menu on the computer where we wrote the command “regedit”, then place us in the following path: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ AutoComplete”.

Then, in the panel on the right we will create a new entry of type “Chain value” with the name “AutoSuggest”, to which we assign, by clicking twice on it, the value information of “no”, for then restart the PC . Another way to carry out this process is using the Internet properties, so we will not have to touch the Windows registry.

Therefore, to access this section, the first thing we will do is press the “Win + R” key combination and write the “inetcpl.cpl” command in the box that appears. Then the Internet properties will appear on the screen , placing us in the tab called “Advanced options”. That is when we locate the option “Use inline AutoComplete Explorer files and in the Run dialog box”, which is marked desmarcamos if default.