3 applications to manage email from Mobile

For self-employed and freelancers, mobile workers and all those who have in the smartphone one of the basic elements of work, email management from these devices is one of the basic tasks. There are free email providers such as Gmail or Yahoo, to name two examples, but not necessarily the best. So let’s look at three applications to better manage email from Mobile.

The basic premises for their selection is that they are applications that help in one way or another, to be more effective in managing, more user friendly and improve the user experience. It’s about doing the same thing we do, but faster. Let’s see what applications we have available to make this easier.

Mailbox is the perfect application for managing mail from Mobile

Mailbox, the perfect app for iPhone

Mailbox is the perfect, or nearly so, application for managing mail from Mobile. The only bad part is that is available for iPhone and Gmail only. And despite its limitations is one of the best rated, especially by its interface, more like the chat that email is perfectly optimized for smartphone and allows us to archive or delete messages very quickly.
We may also use gestures to streamline management with Mailbox. We can also define where we want to display the new mail, in different time zones of the day, causing mail to stop being such a task that demands your attention constantly . In addition it is a free application, which for self using Gmail will certainly be a big help.

Sanebox is a paid service that allows us to classify non-urgent emails automatically out of the inbox

myMail, ease of managing multiple accounts

myMail is an application that will be very useful if you need to manage multiple accounts with one app , improving native applications with Android or iOS. It has a good design, very polished and optimized for both tablets and smartphones, something that will benefit us if we use multi-device.

Its main features are the intelligent searches or sending encrypted messages to arrive safely to their recipients, or receive our email notifications but does not support this feature. It is a free application that is worth trying.

If we think of the time and the importance we attach to email and often little attention in the mobile pay their management. However, at the end of the day we managed more emails from that mobile from the desktop and it is advisable to have the perfect application for management.

Sanebox, intelligent email archiving

Sanebox is a paid service that allows us to classify non-urgent emails automatically out of the inbox. Also handles attachments with Dropbox, the way it does with Gmail Drive or help us remove subscriptions that you no longer want a very comfortable way.

It also provides reminders were sent emails and have not received any response.

Its prices start from $ 49 a year and use it via web, both on the desktop and mobile. Perhaps this is the big but, that does not have a mobile application that added value to the management of email on these devices.