Advantages and disadvantages of antivirus software security

In this article we look at the differences between the two kinds of antivirus software used today: Cloud Antivirus and Traditional Antivirus. In this review we have an overview of which mentioned system best fits our requirements.

As a short summary of that seen in previous reports about cloud computing, we can say that the cloud is a metaphor used to easily understand the concept of computer operations carried out outside our computer, that is, all actions that develop a decentralized level. A clear example of this is the apps like DropBox or Google Docs.

Antivirus in the Cloud

As the first point of the report we can see the main features, advantages and disadvantages of Antivirus running in the cloud. Cloud antivirus are nothing more than Traditional antivirus software, but with the characteristic of not running on our computer, thus save the resources and processing time.

Among the main advantages it is the ease of the system to always have your database and virus scan engine updated, and who do we have to proceed to do so for ourselves. Another clear advantage is that we can always be protected against any threat with the latest technology, but possess a computer outdated in terms of hardware, because the necessary software for scanning is not in our PC, rather on the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud and Traditional Antivirus

While traditional antivirus offering a significant speed when having their databases updated, the truth is that with the Cloud Antivirus, the time lag between the appearance of the upgrade and installation in our PC can sometimes be critical.

Regarding disadvantages offered by the system, we can cite a number of issues that are more related to the usability aspect, rather than its effectiveness. Obviously, to make the system work, we must have constant Internet connection, which can dispense element a Traditional Antivirus.

Yet another negative point offered by the Cloud Antivirus is an issue related to the availability of the service, both of their own servers of the company providing the service as our ISP servers. Moreover, as with any other service hosted in the cloud, our data are more exposed to cyber criminals that if we use a traditional Antivirus.

Traditional Antivirus

One of the best features found in Traditional Antivirus regarding one hosted in the cloud is the possibility offered by the system to be used without an Internet connection, with all the benefits that entails.

The market also exists in a variety of excellent antivirus programs and many of them completely free, allowing us to have a suitable alternative for each of our needs. Likewise, traditional antivirus system offers a number of very important features when managing everything about infected files and the possibility of backups of them in the so called “Quarantine” or the ability to exclude certain folders scan, possibilities that offer antivirus systems in the cloud.

Regarding the disadvantages we can mention, are actually very few, and keep relationship with resource usage issue, since the system must load a number of programs that officiate shields, which suffers from our PC performance. One of the best traditional antivirus programs we can recommend is Avast! that is available for free download.