Which antivirus is best for iPhone?

In this article we will discuss the best antivirus for iPhone, iPad and iOS in general. If you are a user of Android, you probably reading this article just out of curiosity. If you bought an iPhone or iPad and you’re afraid to take the virus with your brand new hi-tech product, this article will brighten your ideas regarding viruses and malware on iOS.

Want to install a virus on the iPhone? Not sure which to choose antivirus to protect your smartphone? To find out which anti-virus installed on the iPhone

Antivirus for iPhone is it for?

Whatever the reason that prompted you to read this article, though, you have to know one thing: the iPhone does not need any antivirus. Yes that’s right: you do not have to install any antivirus on your iOS device as it is not needed.

Do not you believe it? Read full article to better understand the speech.


iOS, like other operating systems, puts the app in the sandbox. In practice, the app are opened in a “safe and isolated from the rest of the operating system” so that they can not have access to all the information present on the smartphone or tablet, but only to those strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the program itself .

Let’s take a concrete example to understand better: when you download WhatsApp from the App Store and you launch the app, this without your permission can not access the list of contacts and phone numbers. Will you have to allow WhatsApp to access the address book and the phone numbers that you have saved on your smartphone. Same thing happens for apps that need access to the gallery after they have been installed, you’ll need to manually provide access to the gallery (and your photos and your videos) to these programs.

In a nutshell, therefore, all installed apps on iOS can only access certain information and only with your explicit permission. Outside of the permissions that you have given manually, it is impossible that these apps can access more details or information on your iPhone.

Each program, this app or game on the iPhone lives in his little box and they can not go out , except to draw certain information it needs to function properly after I asked for permission.

And ‘so NOT that some app installed via the App Store beginning to steal contacts, money, photos or other sensitive information as apps on the App Store are controlled manually one by one from the Apple experts, and only the app 100% secure pass the tests of Apple. And if a program is present on the App Store it means it is safe (usually, but as we shall see there is always some exceptions).


iOS is a closed operating system, very closed. On the one hand for Apple’s desire to control everything you can do and not do on the iPhone, the other to maintain a high level of security.

But if you do the jailbreak on iOS, all the security checks triggered by Apple are disabled or otherwise rendered almost useless and ineffective. It is true, the Jailbreak allows you to take advantage of how you want to 100% on your smartphone or tablet, gives you access to otherwise locked system files, tweak allows you to install, to download programs and apps from Cydia and many more.

On the other hand, however, the Jailbreak allows malware and malicious app to spread more easily in the system. Not to mention that on Cydia can be uploaded and shared malware that maybe you download accidentally mistaking them for other apps. It ‘easy for a hacker to create a malicious, claim it as the most famous app, do download and install to unsuspecting users to join their smartphone stealing sensitive data, and more. And in all this maybe users do not even notice.

In short, if you have done the Jailbreak your iOS device is at risk of hackers, virus attacks, malware, and malicious apps. It is up to you to decide whether the freedom you get from the Jailbreak is more important than security risk to which you expose your device. If you download and install a tweak from Cydia, you allow them to run on your device and access to everything stored inside; if then you find out it was actually a virus or malware, it may be too late and your device may have been infected. In this case the only way to solve the problem is to do a complete reset, i.e. to format from scratch.

You need an anti-virus on the iPhone too?

If you did not jailbreak, did not download any strange programs from the App Store you are free from infecting viruses and malware on iOS and iPhone, that means, you don’t need an antivirus.

There are antivirus for iPhone?

Yes, there are many anti-virus for the Apple smartphone, just do a search on the App Store to find an infinity. As I said, though, they are not to Apps, then in my opinion it makes no sense to download them.

Which antivirus to choose antivirus?

No app can 100% protects you from viruses and malware. Go to the App Store, search for the keyword “antivirus” and install one of the many programs that appear. Maybe before you install a random read reviews and user reviews. Most of these antivirus for iPhone are free.