Download android studio, the software to create apps

Do you have a great idea to design an Android application but you find it difficult to do it from scratch? Android Studio is the ideal solution for you. It is a tool that offers a lot of possibilities in the development of applications for Android, so that programming is much simpler, intuitive and faster.

Download Android Studio

This is what we found in Android Studio

Smart Code Editor

Android Studio is still a code editor to program, but being specially designed to create Android applications, gives you a lot of options that will make the task easier.

So, it offers you a table with a lot of suggestions of options that you can include in your app. Once you have chosen the ones you need, you will simply have to click on them and they will be added to the code immediately. In this way, the task of programming will be much simpler than you think.

Moreover, Android Studio has a simulator for different devices. So you can see what apps you’re creating on a smartphone, tablet, or Android TV look at the touch of a button. This way you will be able to make sure that everything works as you expected, before arriving at the big day of publishing in Google play.

Help for the less expert

Android Studio also has application templates, with part of the elaborate development, so you simply have to adjust it to your specific needs. This is especially convenient for those who are creating their first apps, which will not have to do all the work from scratch, with the difficulties that entails.

Change your apps on the go

If you already have an app running and want to add some additional changes, Android Studio lets you do it in a simple way. As soon as you have an added novelty, you can add it to your application instantly, without having to redo all the work of reorganizing your apk from scratch.

Download android studio

Despite being one of the most complete tools you can find to develop android applications, it is completely free. You will only need a Windows computer, a desire to get to work and a good dose of ingenuity.

You can download this program for windows, directly from its official website, which you can find in the following link:

If you are an Android application developer and have tried Android Studio, we invite you to go through our comments section and tell us your opinions about it, to help other members of our Android community.