Android 11 disappointed smartphone owners: Google is canceling useful feature

So-called “scrolling screenshots” should actually have been introduced with the latest version of Android. But now nothing will come of it, as Android developer Dan Sadler has now confirmed. The reason given is that Google wants to implement the feature correctly – for Android as a whole and not just within some apps or for some devices. As this takes time, 9to5Google reports , the function was canceled without further ado .

Happy too early: A long-awaited feature will not move into Android 11

Deleted for Android 11: Scrolling screenshot should come later

Google doesn’t want to bury the feature entirely either. According to Sandler, users can expect scrolling screenshots to be released in a future API release. Since Google usually only publishes new programming interfaces (APIs) with new versions of Android, it is reasonable to assume that the feature could move into Android 12. Owners of an Android smartphone would have to wait more than a year for this.

These features await you in Android 11:

Scrolling screenshots: why the feature is so practical?

If you are wondering what scrolling screenshots are, regular screenshots only take a picture of the part of the phone screen that can also be seen by the user. Usually that’s enough. However, if, for example, the recording of a long website has to be made, the standard screenshot function reaches its limits and the user has to scroll down and take individual screenshots until the entire website has been photographed. Scrolling screenshots do this completely automatically and do the work for the smartphone owner.

Tip: There are a number of free apps in the Google Play Store that bring the scrolling screenshots to your cell phone today – without having to wait for Android 12.