5 best Android apps to create slow motion videos

Technology changed the world. To capture video & edit it, video cameras or handi-cams are no longer needed. All modern Android smartphones are now able to create slow motion videos, an effect that not only offers a unique visual experience, but also allows you to give vent to your creativity, offering a different perspective. Some smartphones, however, may not have slow-motion support or offer few relative editing options. In this article, we will list you 5 best Android apps for creating slow motion videos.

Top Android apps for creating slow motion videos

Slow Motion Video FX

Among the best Android apps for creating slow motion videos , Slow Motion Video FX is also able to apply the slow motion effect even to existing videos. After adding a video, you can choose the speed between values ​​of 0x and 1x , selecting a speed greater than 1x, the video will be accelerated thus creating a hyperlapse effect .

The app allows you to choose different speeds in several places , varying the video from slow to fast throughout its length. Audio and video filters are also available to add to the clip.

Efectum – Slow, fast, backward video!

Just like the previous one, Efectum is an app that allows you to edit videos already present in the gallery , as well as record and save them on your smartphone. It features a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

The app makes it possible to use unusual and creative slow-motion effects , quick actions and changes even in reverse video . The built-in editor allows you to cut, adjust, insert music, customize frames and add filters to clips. Timelapse effects are also included , which you can use for creating eye-catching videos.

Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye is one of the best Android apps for recording in slow motion, ideal for capturing sporting events in slow motion during specific actions. After recording your performance, you will be able to review the clip frame by frame. There are also options for adding illustrations and voiceovers to videos , as well as the ability to play and compare two videos simultaneously.

The free version also offers 2GB of cloud space , while the VIP version reaches 150GB .

Slow Motion Video Maker – Slow Motion Camera

This particular app includes many useful features intended for those who don’t want to just create a slow motion video. It has options for creating fast motion videos, reverse videos and loop features accompanied by many video filters .

Slow Motion Video Maker is also equipped with a built-in video compressor and a video to GIF converter . As with the other apps, you can also adjust and trim videos, edit music or flip and rotate clips according to your needs. Effects also include Motion Blur and more . The app is completely free.

VideoShop- Video Editor

A video editing app that allows you to create good quality slow motion clips, offering a complete package of features needed for editing. You can create high quality slow motion movies, which can also be cut in real time . There are also features for adding music , merging multiple videos into one and adding filters.

You can also vary parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation and more. You can later share what you have created, through the sharing options for the main social apps.