360-degree videos will arrive with Windows 10 Creators Update

There are many users who look forward to the arrival of the first of the two major updates we will see in Windows 10 this year, Creators Update, although few surprises will take, as little by little are leaked all the news that we find in April 2017.

Now let’s make reference to the application called Movies & TV that by default comes integrated in this latest version of Windows and, as we have already learned, is receiving support for videos in 360 degrees, new functionality that will reach the whole World with the mentioned update in a few weeks. More specifically this feature will come today from Microsoft , who will launch it for members of the Insider program of the firm in the slow ring.

It should be noted that the function we are referring to in this case about the Movies & TV application is quite important, since thanks to the new support, we will have the possibility to enjoy the videos in 360 grids , among other things. In fact, from what has been known, users can use the mouse to scroll through the scene and look around at videos that have been made in 360 degrees from the above tool.

Enjoy 360-degree videos in Windows 10

On the other hand, in addition to the compatibility with the aforementioned videos, Microsoft has added a new gallery of trailers to the application itself that will allow us to keep up with the new releases of the entertainment world at all times . With this new feature we will know what the new movies are available in the official store of Windows 10 along with the previews of them.

Windows 10 Movies

It is also worth noting that the Redmond firm has already incorporated support for videos in MPEG-2 format that we can reproduce from the renewed application by simply downloading an extension from the official Windows store.

Also the company itself wants that in addition to working, we can spend our leisure time with Windows 10, so we can buy movies and TV series in the Windows Store, and now all the titles we have bought or rented will be together in one page. It should be noted that at the moment all these news are only available to members of the slow ring Insider, but it is expected that in a few weeks and reach the world with the official launch of the Creators Update.