3 smart ways to use video in e-commerce

Wherever we turn, the videos are in our feed, so there are even ways to use video in electronic commerce. Often, the video is how stories are told in the 21st century. So it is a good idea for e-commerce business owners.

Using video in e-commerce the new sales strategy

“Content is constantly bombarding us today, and video is one of the best ways to get through that noise,” said Chris Lueck, CEO of FastSpring, a global digital commerce platform based in Santa Barbara, California.

“It’s worth taking the time and extra effort to incorporate video into e-commerce into your strategy,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

Because the video is so immersive. You can make your site fun and enjoyable. In this way, attracting people to their brand and their products.

The video “can provide an experiential layer for electronic commerce,” said Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto. It is a provider of video editing software based in Menlo Park, California.

“It offers companies the opportunity to create a personality and start an ongoing relationship with customers that builds trust, loyalty and value for the customer and the e-commerce site,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

The impulse to use video in electronic commerce is partly generational. A growing number of consumers expect videos to be a component of their interaction with businesses.

“Actually, there is a new generation to think about: Generation Z,” he told the E-Commerce Times. “These children have grown up with tablets and phones in their hands. They have grown up watching YouTube sensations and other content oriented videos. They are smarter than millennials and have higher technological expectations for companies. ”

Where do you start incorporating video into your general strategy? Below are some ideas from the experts.

1. Use the video to build your brand

Because video is a natural narrative medium, “creating brand videos for your website is a great start,” said Jon Reyes, CEO of EcomVids. This is a custom video ad creation company based in Santa Ana, California.

That can mean “filming a simple video about us on your homepage, creating 20-second product demo videos on your product pages, adding real testimonial videos of customers, [doing] and using video in e-commerce promoting Exclusive offers or shoot a video after the purchase in your thank you page, “he told the E-Commerce Times.

One of the reasons why the video works for the brand is that it is an intimate medium that attracts spectators.

“These establish trust and credibility with their clients,” Reyes said. “People want to know they’re buying a real company with real people behind it, and not just a faceless store.”

2. Create video in your advertising and marketing

Video is a natural medium for advertising and marketing. “If you’re not advertising on Facebook or Instagram, it’s time to start,” Reyes said. “Ad inventory on these platforms becomes increasingly saturated every year. But it should not prevent you from taking advantage of these huge platforms that reach billions of people. It’s about creating unique content and directly addressing your target audience. ”

In addition to using video in the e-commerce advertising, it is a good idea to incorporate video into your general marketing plan.

3. Publish product videos

Showing the products that are used and highlighting the features of those products is another key way in which video can help boost your business.

According to customer feedback, many customers have become more aware of the product’s features after viewing a video on a website of an e-commerce company or in its advertising. This was pointed out by Joshua Hall, the owner of Micromercial, a producer of product videos based in Virginia.

“Customers are more likely to watch a video that shows functions in use than they should read about them,” he told the E-Commerce Times.

Product videos are a way for e-commerce companies to stand out from the competition, Hall said. “If your competitor has images of your products, and has a fluid video that shows your product, how it looks in use and highlights the key features. It is more likely that the product will be converted. ”

The video captures and attracts the attention of buyers or potential buyers. Since they end up spending more time on your site. As well as with its products that simply moving through static images.

Regardless of how you decide to use video in e-commerce , it is important to do it regularly, so that customers expect it. With all the potential uses of the video, experts recommend choosing some channels that really work and focus on them.