Windows 10 receives its first Delta updates

This morning we reported on the availability of the new Microsoft security patches for Windows 10 and the rest of their programs, some very expected patches since, among other things, were not released last month and there were several known vulnerabilities that were being exploited at that time by hackers. In addition to these expected security patches, Microsoft has also released the first “Delta” updates for Windows 10 and Server 2016, thus starting the new operating system update model.

The first Delta updates of Windows 10 are already between us, and they work well

Earlier this month we talked about differential updates, or Delta updates, although we did not know when they would be released definitively. Delta updates are part of the program Unified Update Platform , a new type of smaller and faster updates that focus on distributing users only changed files since the last update instead of distributing the entire package of updates and Patches in one.

This new update model seeks to eliminate the problem of “cumulative updates” that, as Microsoft security patches are released, are getting bigger and heavier. Thanks to these Delta updates, Microsoft has managed to reduce the total size of updates from more than 2.5 GB to “only” 900 megabytes.

The first Delta updates of Windows 10 are already between us, and they work well

As we have said, along with the security patches this month, Microsoft has released a few new cumulative patches for Windows 10, patches, which in themselves have a size of 1.1 GB. Along with them, it has also released these patches as “Delta update”, which have a total size of 700 MB , demonstrating how this new update model is really effective. In addition, we must take into account that this time the patches of February and March have been released, so in the coming months this size could be even smaller.

Windows 10 Delta Updates

These updates can be found in the Microsoft Update Catalog . Microsoft has released these new updates for both Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit, so any user can benefit from them.

For the time being, Microsoft has not made any further statements about these updates, although it is expected that every month they will be posted alongside the cumulative patches to offer a “less heavy” alternative to these cumulative updates.

The Windows 10 Insider program will benefit most from this new update format

Users of the Microsoft Insider program will be the ones who benefit most from this new update model. This program forces users who participate in these Microsoft tests to update each week, more or less, to a new compilation, process that requires downloading a complete update that takes up about 3 GB, an update that, in addition to being very heavy , It takes a long time to install.

Thanks to this new update model, the size of the new Insider versions of Windows 10 can be reduced to less than half, to only 900 megs (according to the initial tests), which will speed up the process and probably call the Attention to more users to try these patches.

Undoubtedly, these updates, as well as beneficial for users of the Insider test program, will also be of great help to those users who want to save the patches so that they can be used “offline” and even for network administrators, who can update the patches in a more efficient way.


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