4 Ways to reinstall your favorite programs on Windows OS

The Windows desktop is the only platform without a trial software installation style App Store. Smartphones, tablets and PCs Mac and Linux allow you to quickly install more programs, but this is more complicated on Windows.

Install your favorite shows does not have to involve the installer after downloading installer, and have to pay for the hours and hours of installation wizards and configuration. Today we will show you some ways to get all their favorite perfectly installed and running much more quickly.

1. Install multiple programs with Ninite

Ninite is so popular for a reason it allows you to select a variety of popular programs and download a single installer. Just then perform an automated procedure do all the work – download the individual programs, install them in the background with no user request and also avoiding toolbars and other unwanted software during installation. If you are configuring a new computer, Ninite really can save you a lot of time.

The only real problem is that Ninite does not support every single application you want to install. Ninite supports some of the most popular applications that people want to install: Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Pidgin, iTunes, VLC, Silverlight, Paint.NET, OpenOffice, Microsoft Security Essentials, μ Torrent, Dropbox, Steam, 7-Zip and many other yet. Unfortunately, Ninite no longer installs Flash, for a claim of Adobe, Ninite was forced to remove support for Flash. Adobe wants users to download Flash from the official website, where they can incorporate additional software with it.

Not much else to say about Ninite. Simply select the applications you want to install, download the installer, run it and wait. Ninite can also automatically update the applications already installed the latest versions, if you run it again.

Ninite is so popular for a reason it allows you to select a variety of popular programs and download a single installer

2. Use the portable app

Change strategy and rely on the portable app it can save you a lot of time, because these applications do not actually have need to be installed. Just put them in a folder on cloud storage like Dropbox or back them up to a USB drive. When you want to use them on a new computer, simply install the client preferred cloud storage or connect the USB drive, and then run applications and use them without having to install on your system. Portable applications created correctly will store the configuration data in the same place, and also the particular settings will be transported from computer to computer.

3. Create recovery images of Windows 8 custom

If you are using Windows 8, the function Refresh (reset) can help preserve your favorite desktop programs during the reinstallation of Windows. When setting up a new PC with Windows 8, it is good practice to uninstall the bloatware you do not want and install your favorite applications. So, you can run the recimg tool to create a custom recovery. When you use the option to reboot the PC in the future, will be restored to the status of your PC system from the custom recovery. The recovery image does not include any personal files, but it includes all the desktop software installed.

If you wish to restore your Windows 8 system in a state absolutely unchanged in the future, it would be possible to do so anyway, and just have the installation media of Windows 8 at hand. Follow this guide to complete the task successfully.

4. Recovering from a full system backup

If you are not using Windows 8, you can get the same kind of experience with the creation of a full system backup. The backup will contain a sort of instances the entire system, all the system files of Windows and drivers, to the desktop programs, and personal files. In other words, the system backup image contains a snapshot of everything that contains its own hard drive. The system image can be restored at a later time, thereby returning the Windows system to the same state it was in when the image was created.

You can not use this feature to restore the image backup of the system on different computers, however, as the differences in the hardware may lead to problems with the drivers. However, if you want to return your computer to an original state but with their favorite programs installed, restore the image of the system can be faster than any other program and reinstall Windows from scratch.

The backup will contain a sort of instances the entire system

Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 contains the built-in backup tools for creating and restoring backups for system images, even if the image backup of the system are hidden in Windows 8.1.

Restoring from a backup image or the complete system image is still not the ideal solution. If some time has passed since you created the image, the image installed programs are old and obsolete. You still have to spend time installing updates for programs, rather than install the programs from scratch.

Unfortunately, the Windows desktop probably will not get an integrated system for installing and updating applications continued, although the App Store Mac and Linux package managers show that it is possible to easily achieve such a solution. Microsoft is currently more interested in promoting its “Modern App” of Windows 8 in the Windows Store.


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