VMware to buy AirWatch: Competition for BlackBerry

Many are those who have taken advantage of the wonders of VMware products, the famous creator of virtual machines users can test which operating systems without the need to physically install them on a computer as a favorite uses and now seems to have grown fond to seek a viable option for business.

Reuters received confirmation that AirWatch, a provider of MDM (Mobile Device Management) environments in a corporate IT environment that manages content components and information within a company; Sound familiar to BlackBerry BES right?

advantage of the wonders of VMware products

As analysts see that that is the intention to purchase $ 1.5 billion of VMware, how to purchase the company is a clear battle cry against BlackBerry who remains the “top” in that area.

This bunch of rumors to that entered the mouth of all knowledgeable on the subject that even in 2013, Apple and Google are also on the lookout for fully enter the business joins, while BlackBerry has enabled BlackBerry Enterprise Server to support Android and iOS.


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