Update Win 10: goodbye to the option “eject safely”

removing the option of "ejecting safely", to make handling of external memories more practical and faster, is not so beneficial

Due to the hurry or lack of knowledge, many people have ended up damaging their pendrive or SD card when removing them from the PC without performing the “safely eject” procedure. But to prevent the cemetery of external memories from growing, accompanying the lamentations of users for the loss of their data, Microsoft launches a new update of Win 10 with a good solution.

The company from Palo Alto did not waste time on something far-fetched, directly deactivated the option and enabled the option of “fast withdrawal” . In this way, users can remove the external device when it pleases, without having to do more than the manual withdrawal . This change will not damage the data stored on the pendrive, according to Microsoft.

The update of Win 10 that brings this change, thinking for the forgetful, can be seen from the 1809 version . The measure is being applauded and questioned, because the change brings a consequence: it diminishes the performance of the system in the transfer of data.

Thus, removing the option of “ejecting safely“, to make handling of external memories more practical and faster, is not so beneficial. The slow transfer of the pendrive data to the PC will consume time. Why will it be slow? Because the cache will no longer be used to use the pendrive.

According to Microsoft, the change will not jeopardize the data that is stored in external devices; there will be no possibility of the stored files being corrupted because the cache will not be used, so there will be no open processes when the device is removed.

The Win 10 update seeks to conform to all

If the Microsoft measure does not please you for lowering the performance of the system and making it prone to not recognize external devices , do not worry. The new update of Win 10 also offers you the possibility of returning to the previous system, so that you can do the security step to remove the pendrive from your computer.

As soon as you have updated the system to version 1809, connect a pendrive to your PC and wait for the system to recognize it. Once the device is detected, you have to go to the “Windows Explorer” and go to “This Team”. Once positioned there, right click on the “Disk Administrator” option that will show you those present on your PC. Find your pendrive and give it right click.

In the list of options select “Properties”. Then enter Hardware and locate the property option present in that section. Once you enter select “Directives”. There you will have two options: Quick Extraction (Default) and Better Performance , which you have to activate.

To perform the activation you just have to select it and accept it. In this way, the cache memory will intervene every time you use a pendrive in your PC, speeding up the process of data transfer and forcing you to take the security step so as not to damage the information stored in the external device.

In case you do not know the computer routine: to remove the pendrive look for its icon in the system tray, located on the right side of the screen. You must click on it to show the option “eject safely”. So the cache memory eliminates any process that is running at the moment.


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