Unzip files online with Online B1 Archiver

More and more applications that we can find in the cloud, currently entrenched technology and laying opting increasingly by companies that can use the tools from any computer capable of connecting to the Internet. Among all the applications that we can find, today I want to talk about B1 Online Archiver, a tool to decompress files without the need to install any software on the device.

B1 Online Archiver allows decompression of files in Zip, Rar, 7 Zip or B1 among many others , directly from the nuve. You only have to upload your files to their servers to automatically start the decompression process.

Once the file is uploaded, the application automatically start the decompression process, the screen showing the files that were part of the compressed file uploaded. To download the files you need, all you have to do is click on them to start the download.

The Unzip files online also includes the issue of security, simply after a few minutes of downloading the compressed files, the application server deletes your uploaded files so that no one else can access them.

This is a very useful tool for decompression of a few files, but if there are many files that need, the process can be a bit tedious since you must keep pressing on each of them.

Unzip online is an application whose main characteristics is its speed when performing decompression

Unzip online

Following the review of online applications for file decompression, today we focus on Unzip Tool Online, a software that allows you unzip files without the need to install any software on the computer, only need an Internet connection to enter their website and perform decompression of the document.

Unzip files online is an application whose main characteristics is its speed when performing decompression, much faster than other similar programs that we can find the net through the use of complex algorithms to perform the process.

The speed that we discussed earlier, also will be defined by the size of the files you want to unzip, because if it is very large, so we will first upload to your server to do the decompression information. Regarding the size of files that can be uploaded, they can be up to 200 megawatts, a size considered and we can help you out more than a pinch.

About the formats that can be used, in this case we see a slight disadvantage over other similar systems sector, as only allow the use of ZIP and RAR formats, when others allow much wider range.

Safety should not be an issue, because the uploaded documents are deleted from the server after 24 hours so that no one can have access to your data.

It is an ideal tool for those computers that do not count with decompression software installed.