TunnelBear, one of the best VPN services

VPN services are used for many functions, but most users probably use these services to skip the geographic restrictions of some programs. Well, TunnelBear is one of the best because, in addition to work quite well is very simple to use. Download it, set it at a time and begin using it, nothing more.

TunnelBear VPN, a service that offers awesome security

When we travel abroad we encounter a barrier when committing see and use different services we have hired in our country. Obviously the solution is to fool the program into thinking we connect where we hired the service . To do this you can use different programs, although today we will focus on one, TunnelBear.

This program is currently available for both PC and Mac as iOS and Android. That is, it covers more operating systems used by users. And as we said before, its use is fairly straightforward. The first thing to do is download it from the web , or from the store iOS or Android .

Easy to use VPN services
Once downloaded and installed on the device you want to use, simply open it up and create an account. Just email requests and therefore we can begin to enjoy it . TunnelBear is a free program with paid version for those who make heavy use of it.

Well, once you’ve opened your account in TunnelBear VPN, choose the place where you want to connect . As simple as that. Get a list of countries, choose one of them, and press the ON button. From now your navigation will pass through the country in question and in this way you can skip the geographic restrictions, which currently make little sense.

Furthermore, if you have an unlimited navigation you can get premium account. The prices are quite reasonable if you make extensive use of the application.


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