Trick to Install multiple apps at once on Android Device

Most smartphones on the market have the operating system of Google, and is that Android is the platform with the largest market share. Nowadays, it is rare for the user not to install several applications as soon as he launches his new mobile phone, something that he continues to do over time, whether to perform other tasks, to have new games, another web browser, or Know the weather and the state of the roads when we travel, etc.

For this, the majority of users take advantage of Google Play , the official store for Android applications and where we can find millions of applications. The truth is that there are other stores or websites that offer the download of Android applications, however, we must take extreme caution with the site from where we download the applications if we do not want to be infected with malware. Therefore , it is always advisable to do so from the official platform.

Install multiple apps at once on your Android phone

Although it is normal when we install an application is to go to Google Play, look for it and proceed with its download and installation, many times surely we have wanted to install several applications at a time and we have had to go one by one searching, downloading and installing . A fairly heavy task, since we have to search for each of the applications, proceed with their download and finally install it and then repeat the process with other applications when the previous one.

Step by step to install multiple apps at once from Google Play

However, from Google Play it is possible to install several applications at a time and thus not have to be aware of when the installation of one to find and install another. To do this, the first thing we have to do is open Google Play from our Android device search for one of the applications we want to install and from the menu button of the three points click on the Add to Wish option. Once this is done, we look for the next application that we want to install, add it to the list and so on with all of them.

Install multiple applications at once

Once we have all the applications that we want to install on the Android phone or tablet in our wish list, from the Google Play menu button we access the My Apps and Games option and then we touch on the tab ALL . There we will find a list with all the applications installed on the device and those that we have put in the wish list. By making a sustained press on one of them we can select it and then touching all the others that we are going to install.

When we have all the applications that we want to install selected, we only have to touch on the Install button that appears in the upper right of the screen and will automatically begin the process of downloading and installing all of them at the same time and without having to wait for Finish one to install the other.


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