Titanfall becomes a game of real-time strategy

Respawn Entertainment has announced plans to transform its series of first-person shooter “Titanfall” into a game of real-time strategy aimed at mobile devices and implemented together with Nexon. “Titanfall Assault”, the name of this new work, sees two players collide leveraging teams of riders and Titans, the giant robots that give the title to the series. Burn cards will also be available, i.e. collectible abilities, unlockable and upgradable to be used in the game to gain an advantage.

Titanfall becomes a game of real-time strategy

Pilots, Titans and Burn cards are likely to be players in the micro-transaction system, no doubt, haunt the game, which I expect to be free-to-play. For now, “Titanfall Assault” is presented as a game PvP set on various maps, and there is no reference to a few single-player mode or a campaign. We have no release date, but about his official and you can already pre-register.

Titanfall Assault” is the second attempt to Respawn to bring mobile devices to its range with the help of Nexon (the brand “Titanfall” in fact belongs to the study, even though the shooter video games are published by Electronic Arts). Respawn has even an internal study specifically designed to make video games for mobile devices, Particle City . Their previous experiment, “Titanfall: Frontile” , was a game of digital trading card deleted in beta. “The experience did not seem capable of restoring the rapid gameplay voted to action typical of Titanfall” series he said at the time Respawn , apparently surprised to find that a card game in shifts does not know how to return the experience of a fast-paced shooter first. “Titanfall Assault” still seems very child of that experiment, and try to bring the series on mobile devices and in a different genre without sacrificing the action in real time. The problem is that “Titanfall” is not a particularly strong brand as a trade mark, and “Titanfall 2” seems to me to prove it.


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