This error in Google Chrome can block your PC

Google Chrome

A new bug in Chrome blocks the PC completely

As they have been increasing in power, versatility and functionality , the so used Internet browsers are increasingly being criticized in most cases by the enormous consumption of system resources they do. Although only a few days ago we talked about the lightest navigators of the moment, that is not the general tone of this type of software.

In fact, one of the main problems that almost since its inception has been presenting us the current market leader as Google Chrome , is precisely this, the enormous use that makes the resources of the computers in which it is installed. In addition to all this we must add the fact that as we install extensions , or use a greater number of tabs at the same time, these consumption values ​​soar.

Therefore, the users of the aforementioned Chrome on many occasions have been complaining about the excessive use that the software makes of both the RAM and the hard disk of the PCs, although as a rule, this has a limit. However, and as far as we have been able to know now, due to a new error that has been detected in the Google program , this can lead to your PC completely blocking in Windows 10.

This is a recently discovered browser bug that specifically causes Google Chrome to use 100% of the disk at any given time, all using a JavaScript code to create a harmful loop, which makes it impossible to close the tab or the browser itself , thus blocking the computer completely.

Therefore, if necessary, the only option left to the user affected by the failure is to end the process manually, which can be carried out from the same Windows 10 task manager , or turning off the computer in its whole if we can not even access this section.

In this way, its operation is based on the fact that when we visit a URL that takes advantage of this error, a technical support scam displays a dialog box on the screen with the message “ says”, indicating that the computer supposedly is infected with a virus and can compromise our passwords , browsing history , credit card information , and other personal information.

So, even if we try to close this dialog box or try to prevent that page from opening in the additional dialog boxes of Chrome, the browser will repeatedly direct us to the same URL , which makes it impossible to get out of the loop since 100% of the hard disk is being used.
Therefore, if you ever encounter an error of this type in which it is most convenient to manually end the process “Google Chrome”, also make sure not to click on the option “Restore pages” of the window popup that appears on the screen when you reopen Google Chrome.