The new trends of online games, between technology and business

Once upon a time, in order to play, it was necessary to go through infinite loads, floppy disks or cassettes, the side of which had to be turned after endless minutes. Then came the Internet, and it was a real revolution. Online games were born , giving anyone the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves: just having a Windows or Mac computer and a decent connection.

Also because the first online games weighed a few kilobytes, they used technologies such as Flash or html5 and, let’s face it, neither graphically nor from the point of view of the gameplay were great. But we know that technology does not respect the times: it precedes them. And today we got to the point that online games have nothing to envy to those supported by CDs.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, were unthinkable to make

Until the beginning of the new millennium, online games such as MMORPG , an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, were unthinkable to make. The first MUDs , the forerunners of MMORPGs, were text-based RPGs, while the first multi-user RPG was Neverwinter Nights , released in 1991. It took another five years, with the release of Meridian 59 first, and especially Ultima Online then , before seeing MMORPGs as we know them today.

The technology and the spread of broadband have allowed online games to change, grow and evolve. Not only video games, but also casino games, such as online slots . From the first mechanical bar slot, in which it was necessary to pull a lever to operate the drum mechanism, up to the 3D slots, in just over a century these kinds of pastimes have gone from commercial businesses to the homes of millions of people.

In this steep and rapid evolution, online games for mobile devices could not be missing. Indeed, according to experts, the future of gaming entertainment runs on smartphones and tablets .

Not surprisingly, at the end of 2019 the global gaming market reached 152 billion dollars, 45% of which coming from mobile online games, that is about 68.5 billion dollars.

In August 2019, 33% of all app downloads related to the category of mobile games, as well as 74% of consumer spending (for the purchase of games, or for the now popular in-app purchases ).

We are talking about a catchment area that reached 2.4 billion people at the end of last year , almost a third of the global population. In fact, about 50% of those who use mobile devices also do it to play online. And something tells us that we are only at the beginning of another, new, revolution.


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