Skype WiFi will cease to function at the end of March

Skype is one of the main messaging platforms, successor to MSN Messenger, whose main potential lies in voice calls and video calls, both personally and business. However, within the Skype ecosystem there is much more, and one of these services, as unknown as useful, is Skype WiFi.

Skype WiFi is a database with more than two million access points spread around the world that allows us to connect to a Wi-Fi network anywhere in the world and pay a rent depending on the use we make of it with our Own balance of Skype.

This network has been an excellent platform when mobile data rates were not present on all smartphones and also has always been an excellent alternative to abusive roaming charges so that users leaving their country can surf the net No surprises on your bills. However, everything good comes to an end.

Microsoft indicates that the reasons for the closure are mainly to be able to focus its efforts on further improving the main application of Skype

As confirmed by Microsoft , from next March 31 of this year, this service will stop working. Users could continue to download the application and connect to the access points of this platform to date, after which, the application will be removed and the access points will stop working, thus definitively closing the platform.

In the official statement, Microsoft indicates that the reasons for the closure are mainly to be able to focus its efforts on further improving the main application of Skype, although it is clear that the interest of this service now that we all have data rate on the phone, Has fallen a lot in a short time.

The balance of Skype can be used for other things after the closure of Skype WiFi

Microsoft reminds users that it has many other services in addition to this, so if one still has balance in their wallets Skype can be used without problems in any other service of the company. However, if you have a balance that you have just recharged for Skype WiFi and you do not want to use it on other platform services, you can contact customer support to try to provide a solution.

Skype WiFi could have been a great platform for tablets, such as Microsoft Surface, or the Windows 10 ecosystem that the company is striving for.

We remember that the termination of the service only affects Skype WiFi, so that the rest of services, such as IP calls, video calls, conferences, etc. will continue to function with total normality.

Have you ever used Skype WiFi? Do you think it is a useful platform or did not currently contribute anything due to the rise of data rates?


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