Screenshot, Android app to take screenshots without root

The ability to take screenshot of the screen of your smartphone or tablet with Android is not as easy as in laptops or desktops that run on other platforms. Usually it is difficult to perform this task on Android, there are some applications that permit but require root privileges.

Screenshot free Android app to take screenshots without root

Obviously not everyone dares to root your phone and the ability to take screenshots no longer within reach. However, digging a little on Google Play, you can also find some applications to take screenshots without being obliged to have root privileges.

One is Screenshot, with which we can take screenshots without having to root a phone, according to its authors specified works on most phones. With this app you can make screenshots by clicking on a button at the top of the screen or setting a timer to do after a few seconds.

The captured images can be saved in various formats (JPG, PNG and BMP), it is also easy to share directly in social networks.


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