ResearchKit continues to provide studies, this time on asthma

As you know, Apple entered the world of health thanks to its applications for this purpose, as well as ResearchKit, a software tool that will allow studies on a large number of affected by certain diseases or diseases, only through of your iPhone. Although we had not talked about it for some time now, we have to comment that a new clinical study has been issued thanks to ResearchKit, this time focused on analyzing the health of asthma patients , with the intention of improving their quality of life in care The data obtained.

IOS Health is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive alternatives we can find in the software market

The unseen, 7,593 participants in a study around the United States of America (shocked to know that these studies are performed so efficiently in a country where health is not public). Thus, through surveys, location and details about air quality, have managed to obtain quality variables that allows them to reach an efficient conclusion regarding the disease.

Once again the possibility of helping the medical and scientific community through this type of applications is demonstrated. iOS Health is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive alternatives we can find in the software market, and who have an Apple Watch as the main accessory we know well how you can help keep the line and physical performance this application in combination with “Activity”.

In combination with CareKit and the support of the medical community in general, Apple is getting what it proposed with this type of initiatives, especially considering that the mythical CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, died of cancer, the main motivation of Tim Cook to put his bit in terms of medicine. Unfortunately, Spanish public health has little knowledge and collaboration with Cupertino initiatives.


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