The universal remote desktop Windows 10 coming soon

Remote Desktop Universal Windows 10 offers in its mobile version, the possibility of Continuum, a new service that allows the desktop version of Windows 10 on any phone with just plug into any computer screen . However, users still waiting for an application to connect to your computer remotely from your mobile. Well, according to Microsoft this app is about to arrive.

Continuum is a new feature was first introduced for the desktop version of Windows 10

In a question and answer forum blog of Microsoft, a moderator has answered a question from a user on the remote desktop of Windows 10 with Continuum. And the answer was a bit unexpected because such a direct reaction to the question was not expected: “We heard a lot of rumors that have to do with the ability to connect to a remote desktop with Continuum from the phone. We are excited to share that the universal application of remote desktop for the Windows platform will be released soon in the Technical Preview . We are very interested in the use that will give users remote desktop in order to prioritize investments in this application as requested. How to use Continuum on the phone? What applications will work and what tasks will? What environments or scenarios are going to use? “.

Remote Desktop Universal Windows 10 Available soon

As with all major applications and functionalities that Microsoft is releasing these always go through the Technical Preview before the audience can prove. So this says that will soon be moderator at this stage, also to polish not only their defects, but also how to use and the applications and tasks that will.

That is, the implementation is on track, but the Technical Preview serve to make clear what we do with the universal remote desktop plans to Microsoft. In principle should be to manage our computer remotely from any mobile , which and they offer other applications, though it is assumed that Microsoft’s should work better, being all at home.

Windows 10 Mobile wants to be the continuation of the Windows 10 desktop, not just in terms of integration and synchronization, but also management of desktop from your phone. We do not know much more about this new application, so we will look at the Technical Preview to tell you more.


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