Reasons why some torrent files are downloaded so slowly and how to fix it

As you know, torrent files are used worldwide to send and receive large files. Also, compared to downloading data from a single server, here is less likely that a torrent fails halfway down , plus we can always pause it to continue later.¬†However, sometimes you have seen that some torrents are downloaded very slowly, even having several downloads in progress, some of them may be too slow, let’s see some possible reasons and how to fix it.

The importance of "seeders" and "peers" when dealing with torrents

For starters, we will say that most torrent clients have the option to limit the download speed for the files we use, although in general this is applied randomly, but we always have the possibility to customize the function. With this we want to tell you that we have the possibility to assign a certain bandwidth to each of the active downloads , depending on the needs of the moment.


At the same time we must bear in mind that if we have too many downloads in progress, we will not obtain a uniform speed in all the files that are being downloaded, some will do it faster than others, so we assign a bandwidth in an individual way, As we have said before, it is again very useful. Changing the third, it is worth knowing that some ISPs try to block or at least slow down this type of downloads, since in many cases they are related to the piracy of copyrighted content , which in principle has little solution.

The importance of “seeders” and “peers” when dealing with torrents

The torrent files need the so-called “seeders” to send a file, which is actually a source in the P2P network that has a complete copy of the file in question. At the same time, the peers are the individual users that are carrying out the download, us, for example. Thus, in an active torrent transfer, if the number of ” seeders ” is lower than the number of “peers”, the file will take more time to download, and the greater the difference, the process will become slower.

Many torrent links portals see their end a new Chrome feature

Therefore, it is best to check how many “seeders” a torrent has before starting to download it to avoid unnecessary waiting. Anyway, if we have already started the process and we see that this number is low, or even null, we can always pause the download and try again later.


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