Password Boss: a password manager for everyone

We are tired of hearing all security experts that passwords must be complicated, to be sure. Numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase, and that have nothing to do with our date of birth or home. In short, they are difficult to decipher and, moreover, to remember . Therefore, virtually all we use the same passwords for different services, with the danger that entails. Well, with Password Boss we can have safe and easy to remember passwords.

Password Boss: Password Manager - Password Safe

Most users do not use a password manager. Perhaps the distrust or just plain laziness prevents us from using these types of services that can make life easier and also safer.

Well, today we are going to talk about Password Boss , a service that lets you manage multiple passwords safely and also simple to use. It also allows managing an unlimited number of passwords and choose where we will use and where we will store the information.

Sync accounts

One of the best qualities of Password Boss is that we can synchronize all our accounts and all our devices so once you have configured not have to do anything else.

In addition, Password Boss is quite safe because it uses the AES 256-bit encryption to protect data. That is, we will have a safe our passwords and quite easily from any device access . Actually, you can not ask more of a password manager. Well, Password Boss, although paying. The premium version of the program allows online backup, two-step verification and exchange secure password unlimited.

Therefore, Password Boss is a password manager that recommend using. Yes, you can give laziness configure everything at first, but if we want security, we have to do. Once completed, all access to the different services that are subscribed will be much easier and therefore much faster. In addition, we avoid having to remember passwords or lose the paper where we have targeted. The truth, are all advantages.

If you want to download the application only you have to go to the company’s website by clicking here because it is free.