NewsToEbook, great web service for creating ePubs from feeds

For me it is essential to have a good reader, I now use Feedly, which manage and read my various channels and subscriptions. Like me, many internet users follow the news and the content of many popular blogs and sites by subscribing to their feeds.

NewsToEbook a great web service for creating ePubs from feeds

This is not new, so if it is the innovative proposal NewsToEbook. This is a page where we can turn any feed into an eBook in ePub format, so we can read it on your smartphone or tablet and take it with us everywhere.

Using the web service is simple as could be, simply indicate the url of the feed or even page or blog, so that the feed is automatically detected. Another great feature is that it allows you to connect with your own in Feedly, so you can get an ePub with all the news channels to which we subscribe. I feel great!


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