How to monitor the processes running in Windows 10 with these free apps

Control the processes running in Windows 10 in real time

When measuring and controlling the overall performance of Windows 10, one of the sections that has most influence in all this, are the processes that are constantly running in the background in the operating system itself.

That is why then we are going to talk about a number of free applications whose operation is based on the monitoring of these processes in the system of Redmond. This is something that will help us to check the list of all running processes, as well as to find out other important equipment information such as the process ID, its route, the description of the process , the suspended processes , etc.

At the same time with these programs we will get some unique features such as checking the use of RAM in real time, see the number of running processes, automatically create a record with the new and modified, check the activity history, information of the system, or CPU usage , among other things.

Control the processes running in Windows 10 in real time

Process Explorer

Let’s start with a free tool that has been designed so that we can see a list of all active and total system processes. In addition, for each of them, the status of the CPU in real time is shown, to which must be added the ID of these, the name of the company that provides it, or its description . But that is not all, but we also have other very useful options such as being able to “kill” a process, display a tree of these, establish priorities , or restart and resume them.

Process Monitor

And we continue with Process Monitor , a direct competitor of the commented Process Explorer that is also responsible for showing us a list of all the executed processes and also you can see other important sections related to each of them, such as your ID, the route , the operation, etc. At the same time we can also click with the right button in a certain process to access its properties, highlight it in the list , create a filter, verify the summary of its activity , etc.

Process Watcher

In this case we are going to talk about Process Watcher, another software of the same type but that works in a slightly different way, although the monitoring function as such is quite good. In this way a log file is created for all the new processes, as well as for the modified ones, a file that is automatically saved in TXT format for later reference.

It is worth mentioning that in this log file a lot of information is stored for each process such as its ID, the path of the file, its size, the time of the last access, time of writing and creation, the signature of the content, description , name of the product , the version of it, etc.

Wise System Monitor

And we end with Wise System Monitor, a program that comes with a very attractive interface and that can be used for several tasks such as checking the use of RAM in real time, to monitor the running processes, or to see the speed of loading and unloading for each of those that are running. It also has other features such as a floating window to check the use of the CPU by processes, end one in particular, check the speed of traffic on the network , etc.


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